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Nigerian British Business Forum

The Nigerian-British Business Forum, was set up with the express aim of achieving three major objectives namely; providing a platform where likeminded Nigerian Business owners in the UK can strategically work towards the building a strong sub-economy in the UK; deploy resources and expertise of Nigerian Professionals & Entrepreneurs in the UK towards nation building in Nigeria and finally establishing a platform that promotes bilateral business relationship between Britain and Nigeria.


The primary objective of this group is to foster a safer investment environment for entrepreneurial business in Nigeria from the Diaspora and the globe through inter-phasing of both Nigerian private and public sectors with the entrepreneurial and professional disciplines of the membership of NABF.


The Nigerian-Caribbean Business Forum was set up in line with the vision of establishing a platform designed to foster viable business and cultural relationship between Nigeria and the Caribbean Islands. The successful outcome of such a strategic partnership will inevitably contribute quite significantly to an enhanced level of activity between the Caribbean Islands & Nigeria particularly in the areas of trade and hospitality services.

Nigerian Irish Business Forum

The Nigerian Irish Business Forum has been developed as a strategic business platform whose aim is to primarily promote business interaction between Nigerians based in the Republic of Ireland, an action that can only help to effectively grow the local business community whilst in the same vein also encourage inward investment into Nigeria.

Nigerian Austria Business Forum

The Nigerian Austria Business Forum operates as the main artery organisation established for the main purpose of growing the Nigerian business community in Austria. Our main focus is to ensure that the local business community is supported in its growth strategy as this will inevitably create a formidable business community that possess the capacity to embark on both medium and large scale investments in both Austria and Nigeria.

Nigerian South Africa Business Forum

The Nigerian South Africa Business Forum is the bridge that operates between Nigerian business owners in South Africa and home based Nigeria. The organisation made up of highly respected and established business owners in South Africa is focused on participating in large scale investments in Nigeria. NSABF also provides joint venture partnerships to Nigerian businesses in the Diaspora.